Solaris 300B
 K&S Audio is finally release the final version of its finest 300B Single-Ended Amplifier. The "Solaris 300B" represents another breakthrough in Classic 300B Single-Ended Amplifier design/built. 

Unlike other conventional SE Amplifiers in the market "Solaris 300B" is not only combine proved techniques such as all triodes design with directly heated triode output tubes, pure class A, zero negative feedback, hard wiring connection, semiconductor less, AC filament etc. but also stands out with special designs and builds. The main amplifier employs high tonality parts like Kiwame carbon film resistors, Black Gate and Elna capacitors, Tango transformers, composite sockets, and high grade Cardas RCA and Binding posts together with special circuit arrangement to outperform those ordinary circuit topologies.

In driving circuit, the input signal tubes used are industrial grade medium gain 6072/12AY7 type amplify the signal and directly couple, to maximizing signal clarity, to super rugged 5687 driving tubes. Being high current driving capability of 5687 the coupling in this stage utilizes Choke Loaded with Paper-In-Oil coupling capacitor (Standard) topology. In case of ultimate tone desired, the Inter-stage Coupling Transformer (Option) configuration can be selected to eliminate the sound of any coupling capacitor. The transformers for both cases are "Tango" C-core which provide the best performance/sound.


The output 300B tube is globe glass with mesh plate (Full Music TJ300B) running at the most linear operating curve rather than power curve. The output transformer is world renown "Tango" C-core with maximum output power handling of 30 watts selected to ensure linear frequency response up to 100KHz at high output level with very low signal loss. (Only 0.2dB)

One of the most important aspects to bring "Solaris 300B" design to its best performance is to compliment with the best power supply. Dual vacuum tube rectifiers are opted to provide absolute performance/reliability to the circuit. The filter capacitors are oil impregnated type and super electrolytic capacitors (Black Gate Rubycon/Elna Cerafine). These capacitors feature very low noise, low distortion and high current capability allow the "Solaris 300B" to outperform other conventional SE amp resulting in dramatically improved linearity, THD, dynamic range, and signal to noise ratio.

 The chassis is handcrafted with the most durable and beautiful hardwood with thick aluminum top plate to ensure stable operation and less micro phonic.

While other manufactures, in case they want to offer the same high quality/build and sound of "Solaris 300B", would affix no less than $7,000-$15,000 price tag, our factory direct price of less than half! creates another breakthrough in exceeding our philosophy to put as less commercial factors as possible to our products, whereas others mark up their price 2-4 times to make available room for discount to a dealer.

Combining the great triode sound, appearance, build, part quality and price you would hardly find any products to match the "Solaris 300B"




Product Type:
Stereo Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier with passive volume (*remote control available)
Pre-Amp/Input Tubes:
6072/12AY7 x 2
Driver Tubes:
5687 x 2
Output Tubes:
TJ300B x 2
Rectifying Tubes:
5U4G x 2
Plate Choke Transformer (Standard):
60 Henry Hi-B C-core
Coupling Capacitors:
Paper-In-Oil Copper Foil (*Silver Foil Option)
Inter-stage Transformer (Option):
5K:5K Hi-B C-core
Output Transformer:
3.5K Hi-B C-core 30 watts power handling
Output Power:
8 watts/CH pure class A1 design, 12 watts peak power
Frequency Response:
20-60,000Hz (-3dB)
5% at rated power
S/N ratio:
below 80dB
(W) 50 x (D) 43 x (H) 23 cm.
Approx 30.k.g.
Direct From Factory Price :
Please Contact.


Standard Accessories

Cardas RCA/Binding Post
Cardas 6N Copper wiring
Gold Plate Furutech IEG Socket
High Grade Tube Sockets
Low Noise Kiwame Carbon Resistors
BlackGate Capacitors
Tango Transformer



Remote Volume Control or High Tone TKD Volume Control
20 Watts output power via Premium 300B+ TJ Full Music.
WBT RCA/Binding Post
Furutech Rhodium IEG Socket
Audio Note Pure Silver wiring