Glow Master Series
300B Push-Pull Amplifier with SILK Interstage transformer coupling
  GlowMaster Series 300B push-pull Class A with SILK Interstage transformer coupling. The circuit does not use any NFB to ensure pure sound. Even without NFB, this amplifier still processes very low distortion through our deliberate effort in making best push-pull interstage coupling transformer.  
Product Type:
Stereo Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier with RCA and XLR Input
Pre-Amp/Input Tubes:
6N1P x 2
Driver Tubes:
5687 x 2
Output Tubes:
300B Electro Harmonix. x 4
Rectifier :
Super Diode TD-15
Filter Capacitor:
1,000uF x 4 Nichicon Audiophile Grade
Filter Choke:
Low Loss 3H/300mA
Coupling Capacitors:
Hovland Musicap
Signal Resistors:
Kiwame Carbon Film type
Interstage Transformer
Output Transformer:
SILK P-3500(Fi) Transformer 3.0K EI M6 core
Output Power:
25 watts/CH class A1 design
Frequency Response:
20-25,000Hz (-3dB) at full power
Input Sensitivity:
0.45V for full power output (at maximum volume gain)
Overall Gain:
THD + noise:
Less than 3% at rated power
S/N ratio:
below 88dB
(W) 43 x (D) 37 x (H) 20 cm.
Approx 22kg.
Direct From Factory Price :
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Internal parts are best grade audiphile and are connected together with point to point method.