SACThailand presents
K&S Audio Design
Single-Ended Stereo Integrated Amplifier features KR842VHD

  20 watts pure class A Single-Ended with special directly heated triode from KR, KR842 could deliver higher power output with very low distortion, thus smooth and linear sound could be produced even at high level.
We use special arrangement by separating power supply between driving stage and power stage. Using 5AR4 soft start rectifier to feed 20 Henry choke loaded power supply for the driving stage proves stability and better sound image. KR842VHD tubes are feed by raw power from heavily filter choke loaded filter derived from ultra-fast recovery diode rectifiers that are more stable under very high load demanding and high voltage potential.
The final sound is very musical and powerful that easily drive small bookshelf loudspeaker into realistic sound field level.

Product Type:
Stereo Vacuum Tube 842VHD Power Amplifier
Pre-Amp/Input Tubes:
6N1P x 2
Driver Tubes:
12BH7 x 2
Output Tubes:
Rectifying Tubes:
5AR4 x 1
Coupling Capacitors:
Hovland MusicCap
Output Transformer:
3K EI core 30 watts power handling
Output Power:
20 watts/CH pure class A1 design
Frequency Response:
15-40,000Hz (-3dB)
5% at rated power
S/N ratio:
below 80dB
(W) 48 x (D) 33 x (H) 20 cm.
Approx 25 kg.
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