45 Push Pull Amplifier
with SILK Interstage coupling


After we have offered high quality Interstage transformer, the possibility of building vacuum tube circuit has now changed to next level. Interstage coupling is ideal device in audio vacuum tube circuit with its unique ability to transfer signal at incredible life-like with impact and dynamic unheard of from ordinary capacitor coupling. This amplifier is a good example of bringing Interstage coupling to be used in push-pull configuration drive the legendary tube "The 45".
Generally circuit utilizing 45 as output stage in single ended class-A mode outputs at 2 wattsRMS with extreme liquide midrange and sweet top to bottom sound; however, once mate with some big loudspeaker systems, 45 SE may have difficult time to control its pace and maintain enough headroom. This 45 push-pull Interstage coupling is the answer. It outputs 8 wattRMS, providing much greater headroom and better ability to control loudspeaker at any frequency range. Interstage coupling removes coloration of capacitor coupling and improve signal transfer so only pure sound is being amplify by the 45 tubes.

Product Type:
Stereo Vacuum Tube 45 Push Pull Power Amplifier with SILK Interstage coupling
Pre-Amp/Input Tubes:
6CG7 x 2
Driver Tubes:
JAN5687 x 2
Output Tubes:
45 x 4
Rectifying Tubes:
5AR4 x 1
Coupling Capacitors:
Hovland Musicap (from 6CG7 to 5687)
Interstage Coupling:
SILK I-511-P
Output Transformer:
SILK P-550Fi
Output Power:
8 watts/CH push-pull class A design
Frequency Response:
20-35,000Hz (-3dB)
5% at rated power
S/N ratio:
below 87dB
(W) 43 x (D) 28 x (H) 23 cm.
Approx 20 kg.
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