Silk Input Transformer
Passive RCA to Balance Converter
  Turn your CD player or other unbalanced sources to a pure balanced signal using our new SILK KS6/6C Supermalloy RCA to Balance transformer. This new approach requires no external power supply since it converts unbalanced signal (RCA) to balanced signal (XLR) by transformer mechanism. Since it is pure passive transformation, there is no added distortion in to the conversion process ensuring highest degree of signal purity and reduce common mode noise along transmission line.  
Figure 1 shows RCA to XLR Passive Converter using SILK KS6/6C .
Figure 2 shows RCA to XLR Active Converter using opamps and many negative feedback loops.
Most CD players with balanced output (XLR) derive its XLR signal by utilizing opamp circuit (as shown in below figure) to convert standard RCA output signal from its D/A converter to balanced signal. This active circuit utilizes many negative feedback loops to control and generate the balanced signal causing many undesirable effects as we all know. In contrast our SILK KS6/6C does conversion in passive manner so no side effect and added impurity to the final signal. With Balanced (XLR) signal common mode noise and distortion cancel out at the end of recombination node resulting in great signal integrity as it departed from the source. Furthermore the special Electro-Static shield built in KS6/6C helps blocking HF digital noise from CD player to enter next preamplifier and other equipments improving analog sensation to your CD system. Like all of our Supermalloy transformer products, the new KS6/6C is made out of the special grade Supermalloy core (+80% Nickel) with Silk winding technique to ensure balanced coupling from lowest audio frequency up to ultra-high frequency with lowest insertion loss and low output impedance.