Amplifier : Input 7044 + 300B + SILK I-311S interstage transformer + 845 Paralleled + Special custom made SILK Ouput Transformer

Customer Comments

Today, i got both the amp to sing. I have not yet biased them properly....both the amp measure different current and voltage (slightly)...which i will fix over a period of time.

Even right now, the amp sounds terrific and the performance is far beyond what i had expected. The Plinius SA-102 sounds like a budget amp compared to this. I've heard the Plinius SA-REF also in my system....which also is not as good as this amp.

* The sound is very transparaent....especially for a SET amp
* The stage is huge & well defined
* The highs are good and the lows are terrific (The amp controls the speakers very well....across the freq. Spectrum).
* I listen to mostly Indian Classical (Hindustani) and old Jazz (from the 50's).....they sound so real...quite amazing.

Thanks for the wonderful product and most important for your continued support.